Goodbye Insults with Instant Youth

Posted on February 21, 2016 By

So the other day, I had some girl start insulting me based on my skin.  I’ve always had skin problems since I was a kid. I dealt with acne for about 5 years as a teen and the scarring has affected me for years afterwards. I’ve tried most creams and I wash my face rigorously with a strict regimen but it just doesn’t seem to help much.  So this woman decides to comment on my skin and said that even though I’m 30, I have the skin of a 45 year old.  I was so upset by that but then I realized the problem was hers, not mine.  If she wants to be that rude and insult me, then she can go right ahead.

But on that note, I still have always desired having great skin and a flawless complexion.  My mom bought me a jar of Instant Youth formula which is designed to help anti-aging and also eliminate flaws on the skin. She tried it for herself because she had some wrinkles on her forehead she wanted to smooth out. It worked wonders for her but the product is also meant to help with scarring and blemishes.  So in spite of my anger that this woman could insult me and my skin, I took my mom’s advice and tried this formula out. Well sure enough, after only waiting 2 minutes you can see the results nearly instantly.  The anti-aging Instant Youth gel fills up your skin and helps it become more plump and firm due to the collagen which it contains.  I have been using it religiously since then and my skin looks more and more clear and youthful every day.

The funniest thing is that this same woman who insulted me approached me months later and asked me what I was using for my skin.  I didn’t tell her. Instead I said “Oh I don’t know, but I’ll never tell you my little secret. I guess only one of us has skin of a 40+ year old now!” and laughed. She was not impressed.

I feel so grateful for having found this formula because I truly feel younger than ever after having used it.  I can’t wait to show you my results once I’m done the entire regime.  But I have good feelings about it!  Anti-aging creams are not just for people who are older and have wrinkles, they have properties and deep moisturizing capabilities that can help even young adults like me.


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