Mary Goes to Montreal!

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Oh man, my trip on Canada Day weekend does not even come remotely close to how awesome this trip was.  I had the time of my life; it was great.  Mishel and I were able to tour the sites and see the International Jazz Festival and go to China Town etc, all in 2 days..  Areielle and I went for 3 days and 3 nights, and only went to the Casino on Saturday, and the rest of the days were spent recovering from the night before and going out to new places to eat (which was still fun and the rest was NEEDED!)

I just went with Areielle on this trip.. we originally wanted 4 girls to come along, but Mishel (being morman and a shitty ass companion last time was not allowed tro come, lol), and everyone else is pretty much in school, so just the two of us decided to go.  My only concern was that Areielle wouldn’t be cool with dancing with other guys since I planned on getting some birthday lovin’ this weekend and didn’t want to feel bad.  😉  But everything turned out perfectly.

So here we go:

Night 1:

Last time with Mishel, we went to the club “Loft”, and had a sweet time, so I wanted to go again with Areielle.  We got all dressed up and ready to go and then began pre-drinking at the hotel.  Our room had a fridge this time which was sweet and two beds and private bathroom for cheaper than the last shitty hotel, so earlier on we bought drinks and juice so we could make sex on the beach and rum and cokes.

Our plan was to leave our hotel at 11:00 PM or so, but we were having such a sweet time that we didn’t leave until 12 AM, lol, and the clubs close at 3 AM.  So we left the hotel and walked our drunken selves to the club which we found earlier in the day so we wouldn’t get lost.  On the way we went to a sex shop where we mocked everything loudly and then carried ourselves back out.  Haha.  So we get there, put our shit in coat check, and just start dancing on the floor.  Had a few beers bought for us, and then I saw a group of guys with some girls and told them all that we were going to dance with them and for us all to get tight, and I started grinding with this fucking hot French guy, Francis.  (His chick friends were not impressed :P)

So he started to kiss me and I demanded water first, so he spent over 50 on shots, water and beers for us and him, and then for the rest of the night I pretty much remember dancing/making out with him (he was effing awesome at both)..   The club closed, Areielle had met some other guys who were really nice and cool and apparently I suggested us all go back to our hotel to chill out.. (then later said they weren’t allowed to and Areielle was like, “erm jen, it was your idea”.. hahaha, so i was like “oh, ok then”)..  So we all walked back and I forget most of it, but Areielle just said that Francis and I made out on the bed while she talked to the other two guys until I FELL ASLEEP on him.  lol!!  So he left his number for us to call on Saturday night and left at 6:30 AM, since he had to work at 7:30 AM (I fell asleep at 6 AM).


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