Final day of our trip

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Day 3

Areielle and I slept till 12 AM, got up, went out to eat again, walked around town, and I wanted to call Francis to hang out with him again since I wanted to remember what he looked like, and also clubs are closed on Sundays, and we thought he could find us somewhere to go.

So I made Areielle call him, then grabbed the phone and asked him if he wanted to hang out and he said “Sure” and I told him to bring a buddy for Areielle to hang out with and to find us a place, preferably one with karaoke, so he said to give him two hours.

Then went back to the hotel to rest since I’m double hungover by this time (Areielle is a lucky bitch and was fine the whole weekend, lol).

At the hotel, I tried to nap but couldn’t and was all worried that Francis wouldn’t end up coming, but I called him when he told me to and he said he found a place to go and that he was still looking for a buddy to come along, and I asked if he would meet us at our hotel and we could all walk together and he said “of course”.

So we chilled out for awhile, I started getting ready and was all nervous too, but we drank a bit (only to get nice and tipsy), and he still wasn’t there 15 minutes later, and I’m whining, so Areielle calls him and he says he’s on his way with a buddy.  So I’m giggly, and soon we hear knocking, and we run to the door and there he is looking fucking delicious with his friend.

Right away we’re hugging cause he’s cold and covered in rain, and we get our shit and kiddy umbrellas we bought and start off to the club.  And right away we’re holding hands and kissing and this didn’t stop all night.  At the club the DJ was laughing and kept watching us since everyone there was like 40 and here is an 18-year-old chick and 20-year-old making out like mad in this old person’s club.  He told Areielle that they don’t get people like us there often, hahaha.

So I said let’s go back to the hotel after a few hours, and we did.. and Francis is a bloody exhibitionist and liked to kiss in front of EVERYONE, like at the food place we stopped at, and in the middle of the streets.  It was awesome, Laura.  I’ve never been so attracted to someone to the point where we literally have to be pulled apart.  (By Areielle 😛 since we’d stop on the streets and she’d be like “OMFG GUYS!”)  He was so cute though and gave me his coat on the way home since I was shivering.

We all hung out at the hotel for hours later and he and I fell asleep together near the end of the night (6 AM ish) while Areielle and Roger (his friend) talked on the other bed.  And then he woke up and they had to leave at 7:30 or 8:30 AM to return Roger’s mom’s car since they parked it when we went to the club (since they’d be drinking)..  and Areielle woke me up and we said goodbye, and that was that.  (Exchanged emails too).

Seriously, an amazing time.  When you go to Montreal, I highly advise checking out Loft on St. Laurent..  it was such a blast girl.

I totally just wrote a huge essay to you, but that’s the bulk of my weekend.  I’m still waiting on the pictures Areielle took of night 2 and 3 and I can send you some when we get them.

All in all, it was just awesome.



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