Day 2 in Montreal!

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Day 2:

Woke up at around 1 PM , still in halter top, on TOP of bed.. and had NO recollection of the night before.  I was like “Areielle, are we OK, were we hurt? How the fuck did we get home?” and she was like  “Are you serious?” and then slowly it all came back to me and I just remembered my hot Frenchman, and knew I had a great time.

We went to the Casino, I felt so sick, so we went back to the hotel, napped, went out for food, and then started getting ready for the next night (I was still super hung over).  We didn’t call Francis since I was a wimp and wanted to meet new people too.

So we decided to go to Loft again since the  club we wanted to go to at first was apparently shit.

We got ready, pre-drank (not as much for me this time as I was determined to remember the night), made sure to take TONS of pictures, and hit the club.

Literally danced with like 40 men each..  it was NUTS.  Danced on the poles with boys for a bit (even though I swore I wouldn’t)..  tons of creepy boys, some scary ones who’d WHIP you around and twirl you and give you bruises, and grab you and you’d hit them away.

But we had beers bought for us again which was nice, and eventually met three boys and the other two  boys from last night (not francis), and all of us hung out after the club closed.  I didn’t want the 3 coming back to our hotel but Areielle did and they had “bought weed” for us all to smoke, and I didn’t want to be a killjoy, so I said they could come.. better at our hotel than at their house, right?

So they all came back, and the two boys held my hands and one gave me his coat since it was cold, so it was cute..  and we all chilled out and made drinks and smoked up at our hotel (the boys tried to get with us and turned off the lights and i made them give me massages since my neck was killing from the halter bra and top the night before..  But apparently I was “spoiling the moment” since I talk too much.  Haha!!

More happened here which I can’t get into but just know that I was a good girl.  At 7 AM, three of us went out for Mcdonalds breakfast, and said bye at about 9 AM.


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