Goodbye Insults with Instant Youth

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So the other day, I had some girl start insulting me based on my skin.  I’ve always had skin problems since I was a kid. I dealt with acne for about 5 years as a teen and the scarring has affected me for years afterwards. I’ve tried most creams and I wash my face rigorously with a strict regimen but it just doesn’t seem to help much.  So this woman decides to comment on my skin and said that even though I’m 30, I have the skin of a 45 year old.  I was so upset by that but then I realized the problem was hers, not mine.  If she wants to be that rude and insult me, then she can go right ahead.

But on that note, I still have always desired having great skin and a flawless complexion.  My mom bought me a jar of Instant Youth formula which is designed to help anti-aging and also eliminate flaws on the skin. She tried it for herself because she had some wrinkles on her forehead she wanted to smooth out. It worked wonders for her but the product is also meant to help with scarring and blemishes.  So in spite of my anger that this woman could insult me and my skin, I took my mom’s advice and tried this formula out. Well sure enough, after only waiting 2 minutes you can see the results nearly instantly.  The anti-aging Instant Youth gel fills up your skin and helps it become more plump and firm due to the collagen which it contains.  I have been using it religiously since then and my skin looks more and more clear and youthful every day.

The funniest thing is that this same woman who insulted me approached me months later and asked me what I was using for my skin.  I didn’t tell her. Instead I said “Oh I don’t know, but I’ll never tell you my little secret. I guess only one of us has skin of a 40+ year old now!” and laughed. She was not impressed.

I feel so grateful for having found this formula because I truly feel younger than ever after having used it.  I can’t wait to show you my results once I’m done the entire regime.  But I have good feelings about it!  Anti-aging creams are not just for people who are older and have wrinkles, they have properties and deep moisturizing capabilities that can help even young adults like me.


Working out for 21 days before our next trip!

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So Areielle and I decided to go crazy on our next trip but in order to get the guys we want, we need to look sexy! We are going to spend 3 nights in Toronto and we want to go to the hottest club in the city. The only problem is that the majority of girls there are super slim and have awesome bodies. Areielle’s sister is doing this new workout called the 21 day fix review reviews which say it is an awesome workout and can help you lose a lot of weight. It comes with some colourful cute little containers to help you keep track of what you are eating.

You have to eat lots of fruits and vegetables which isn’t a problem for me since I love apples and eat them all the time. The hardest part will be the workout videos. We already tried a few of them and they were difficult but afterwards we felt so sore! They really push you to your limits and make your body that much stronger after each and every workout.  Tomorrow we are going to do the cardio workout.

It’s hard to do a video like this on your own or commit to weight loss if you don’t have a workout buddy to help you out. Luckily, both my friend and I have similar goals of getting super toned and fit before the summer time.  We want to go to lots of cool activities in Toronto and are going to be healthy while we are there since alcohol is full of calories and doesn’t help our cause.  I think I am also going to bring my running shoes so we can run along the beach in the mornings before going out to a nice restaurant for a healthy breakfast and coffee.

Working out means I can also wear my cute little exercise outfit that I bought.  We started an awesome diet called the military diet plan to really tone up and lose our last bit of fat before our trip. The diet consists of eating fruit, protein and some wholewheat carbs but it is not advised to do for longer than three days so we will keep it short and sweet. In the future, we will try other diets to see how we do but I think this is a great plan for us to get in shape before our trip. I am so tired of wearing really big baggy dresses cause I can’t show off my figure since I am not proud of it at the moment. Hopefully things will change and I will get in good shape soon with this new plan that we and my friend have hashed out.  It might make all the difference in how we feel about ourselves if we can workout and get it done sooner rather than later.  I’m hoping to lose 15 pounds in 2 months and I think that is a reasonable goal that I can achieve without exerting myself too much but also pushing myself enough to meet the goal in my time limit.

Working Out

Final day of our trip

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Day 3

Areielle and I slept till 12 AM, got up, went out to eat again, walked around town, and I wanted to call Francis to hang out with him again since I wanted to remember what he looked like, and also clubs are closed on Sundays, and we thought he could find us somewhere to go.

So I made Areielle call him, then grabbed the phone and asked him if he wanted to hang out and he said “Sure” and I told him to bring a buddy for Areielle to hang out with and to find us a place, preferably one with karaoke, so he said to give him two hours.

Then went back to the hotel to rest since I’m double hungover by this time (Areielle is a lucky bitch and was fine the whole weekend, lol).

At the hotel, I tried to nap but couldn’t and was all worried that Francis wouldn’t end up coming, but I called him when he told me to and he said he found a place to go and that he was still looking for a buddy to come along, and I asked if he would meet us at our hotel and we could all walk together and he said “of course”.

So we chilled out for awhile, I started getting ready and was all nervous too, but we drank a bit (only to get nice and tipsy), and he still wasn’t there 15 minutes later, and I’m whining, so Areielle calls him and he says he’s on his way with a buddy.  So I’m giggly, and soon we hear knocking, and we run to the door and there he is looking fucking delicious with his friend.

Right away we’re hugging cause he’s cold and covered in rain, and we get our shit and kiddy umbrellas we bought and start off to the club.  And right away we’re holding hands and kissing and this didn’t stop all night.  At the club the DJ was laughing and kept watching us since everyone there was like 40 and here is an 18-year-old chick and 20-year-old making out like mad in this old person’s club.  He told Areielle that they don’t get people like us there often, hahaha.

So I said let’s go back to the hotel after a few hours, and we did.. and Francis is a bloody exhibitionist and liked to kiss in front of EVERYONE, like at the food place we stopped at, and in the middle of the streets.  It was awesome, Laura.  I’ve never been so attracted to someone to the point where we literally have to be pulled apart.  (By Areielle 😛 since we’d stop on the streets and she’d be like “OMFG GUYS!”)  He was so cute though and gave me his coat on the way home since I was shivering.

We all hung out at the hotel for hours later and he and I fell asleep together near the end of the night (6 AM ish) while Areielle and Roger (his friend) talked on the other bed.  And then he woke up and they had to leave at 7:30 or 8:30 AM to return Roger’s mom’s car since they parked it when we went to the club (since they’d be drinking)..  and Areielle woke me up and we said goodbye, and that was that.  (Exchanged emails too).

Seriously, an amazing time.  When you go to Montreal, I highly advise checking out Loft on St. Laurent..  it was such a blast girl.

I totally just wrote a huge essay to you, but that’s the bulk of my weekend.  I’m still waiting on the pictures Areielle took of night 2 and 3 and I can send you some when we get them.

All in all, it was just awesome.



Day 2 in Montreal!

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Day 2:

Woke up at around 1 PM , still in halter top, on TOP of bed.. and had NO recollection of the night before.  I was like “Areielle, are we OK, were we hurt? How the fuck did we get home?” and she was like  “Are you serious?” and then slowly it all came back to me and I just remembered my hot Frenchman, and knew I had a great time.

We went to the Casino, I felt so sick, so we went back to the hotel, napped, went out for food, and then started getting ready for the next night (I was still super hung over).  We didn’t call Francis since I was a wimp and wanted to meet new people too.

So we decided to go to Loft again since the  club we wanted to go to at first was apparently shit.

We got ready, pre-drank (not as much for me this time as I was determined to remember the night), made sure to take TONS of pictures, and hit the club.

Literally danced with like 40 men each..  it was NUTS.  Danced on the poles with boys for a bit (even though I swore I wouldn’t)..  tons of creepy boys, some scary ones who’d WHIP you around and twirl you and give you bruises, and grab you and you’d hit them away.

But we had beers bought for us again which was nice, and eventually met three boys and the other two  boys from last night (not francis), and all of us hung out after the club closed.  I didn’t want the 3 coming back to our hotel but Areielle did and they had “bought weed” for us all to smoke, and I didn’t want to be a killjoy, so I said they could come.. better at our hotel than at their house, right?

So they all came back, and the two boys held my hands and one gave me his coat since it was cold, so it was cute..  and we all chilled out and made drinks and smoked up at our hotel (the boys tried to get with us and turned off the lights and i made them give me massages since my neck was killing from the halter bra and top the night before..  But apparently I was “spoiling the moment” since I talk too much.  Haha!!

More happened here which I can’t get into but just know that I was a good girl.  At 7 AM, three of us went out for Mcdonalds breakfast, and said bye at about 9 AM.


Mary Goes to Montreal!

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Oh man, my trip on Canada Day weekend does not even come remotely close to how awesome this trip was.  I had the time of my life; it was great.  Mishel and I were able to tour the sites and see the International Jazz Festival and go to China Town etc, all in 2 days..  Areielle and I went for 3 days and 3 nights, and only went to the Casino on Saturday, and the rest of the days were spent recovering from the night before and going out to new places to eat (which was still fun and the rest was NEEDED!)

I just went with Areielle on this trip.. we originally wanted 4 girls to come along, but Mishel (being morman and a shitty ass companion last time was not allowed tro come, lol), and everyone else is pretty much in school, so just the two of us decided to go.  My only concern was that Areielle wouldn’t be cool with dancing with other guys since I planned on getting some birthday lovin’ this weekend and didn’t want to feel bad.  😉  But everything turned out perfectly.

So here we go:

Night 1:

Last time with Mishel, we went to the club “Loft”, and had a sweet time, so I wanted to go again with Areielle.  We got all dressed up and ready to go and then began pre-drinking at the hotel.  Our room had a fridge this time which was sweet and two beds and private bathroom for cheaper than the last shitty hotel, so earlier on we bought drinks and juice so we could make sex on the beach and rum and cokes.

Our plan was to leave our hotel at 11:00 PM or so, but we were having such a sweet time that we didn’t leave until 12 AM, lol, and the clubs close at 3 AM.  So we left the hotel and walked our drunken selves to the club which we found earlier in the day so we wouldn’t get lost.  On the way we went to a sex shop where we mocked everything loudly and then carried ourselves back out.  Haha.  So we get there, put our shit in coat check, and just start dancing on the floor.  Had a few beers bought for us, and then I saw a group of guys with some girls and told them all that we were going to dance with them and for us all to get tight, and I started grinding with this fucking hot French guy, Francis.  (His chick friends were not impressed :P)

So he started to kiss me and I demanded water first, so he spent over 50 on shots, water and beers for us and him, and then for the rest of the night I pretty much remember dancing/making out with him (he was effing awesome at both)..   The club closed, Areielle had met some other guys who were really nice and cool and apparently I suggested us all go back to our hotel to chill out.. (then later said they weren’t allowed to and Areielle was like, “erm jen, it was your idea”.. hahaha, so i was like “oh, ok then”)..  So we all walked back and I forget most of it, but Areielle just said that Francis and I made out on the bed while she talked to the other two guys until I FELL ASLEEP on him.  lol!!  So he left his number for us to call on Saturday night and left at 6:30 AM, since he had to work at 7:30 AM (I fell asleep at 6 AM).